Committed to quality and innovation

Our comprehensive control of the production process according to the highest standards of the food industry and the requirements of the legislation ensures perfectly safe products. Together with the dedication to development and innovation, it enables the creation of quality classic delicacies and products adapted to the new times. Looking for new perfect products is our passion.

Awards for quality and innovation

The awards for high quality and innovation, which have been the pride of Mlinotest for several years, represent a confirmation of our effort to preserve the tradition and concern for quality and innovative products of excellent taste. Looking for new perfect products is our passion.

Golden awards of CCIS for 2021

Innovation Award by the Nutrition Institute-2020

The IFS Quality Management System

Mlinotest introduced the International Food Standard – IFS for ensuring exceptional quality and safety of the food produced. The IFS Standard combines the HACCP system, rules of good business and hygiene practice, traceability, food labelling and ensuring their protection. It is intended for merchandisers and food producers, as both must ensure the safety and quality of products with their trademarks.

Certifikate IFS Food, Ajdovščina

Certifikate IFS Food, Škofja Loka

Certifikate IFS Food, Nova Gorica

Organic processing and certificate

Organic production and processing are based on natural balance and circulation of substances in nature, without using chemical protective agents, without genetically modified substances and artificial mineral fertilisers. It also ensures that there is no cross-mixing with conventionally cultivated ingredients. We have developed a range of “organic” products that are made from organically grown ingredients following all the requirements of the European legislation, and obtained a Certificate for Production, which is renewed regularly and obtained from an external verified control organisation. It confirms compliance with Regulations in the field of Organic Production of Substances, processing into products, as well as packaging, storage and transport.

Mlinotest’s programme of organic products consists of the Divita BIO pasta, wheat flour, a large group of bakery products and gluten-free biscuits.

ECO certificate

Other certificates

Gluten-free product certificate

Certificate vegan

Certificate RSPO

Certificate RSPO, Škofja Loka