Careful selection

The careful selection of the best ingredients and comprehensive control of the production process enable us to bring quality classic Slovene delicacies and tasty dishes adapted to the new times to the table.

We believe in connections and long-term partnerships with our suppliers we first look for in our surroundings. The shortest supply chains possible, careful selection and control of the ingredients used in manufacturing our products, enable us to ensure quality and safe food products. When it comes to selecting the packaging, we pay attention to the environmental aspect, and select materials which, in addition to their primary function – to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of food products – contribute to recycling and responsible environmental management.  To ensure that strict standards and procedures for selecting and controlling the suppliers, supplied ingredients and packaging were established. We also keep up with innovations regarding the improvement of ingredients and packaging for even more safe and excellent products constantly. By researching and monitoring the trends of a balanced and healthy diet, we also look for ingredients in the supply enabling Mlinotest to be innovative in this field. We draw from the past and the ingredients used by our grandmothers, while also keeping up with innovation.

The sieving of the flint-like maize forming the basis for the best Mlinotest’s polenta and maize meal has been promoted in our local environment for several years. We have partnership relationships with the largest producers of wheat in Slovenia, enabling us to cover up to 30% of all wheat milled in Ajdovščina with Slovene wheat, depending on the harvest.