Social responsibility

While Mlinotest looks back to 150 years of tradition, it also plans its future carefully. We are aware that besides achieving good business results, what also matters are the things which enable our employees and the local community in which Mlinotest operates to live a quality and better life.

Care for employees

We want to create a friendly, creative and stimulating working environment and opportunities for training and the personal growth of all our employees. We are aware that employees represent the key link that can ensure our company’s long-term stability and growth.

We respect all legal norms and rules of ethical conduct towards fellow human beings and the broader social environment. Equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, race, skin colour, age, state of health or disability, religious, political or other views, trade union membership, national or social background, family status, state of property affairs, sexual orientation or other private circumstances, form the basis of our conduct.

Education and training

We pay attention to employee training and education. Beside the established seminars and workshops for professional staff, emphasis is increasingly being placed on internal training. In addition, we encourage our employees to achieve a higher level of formal education by offering them financial aid and allowing days off for study.

Reward system

The company’s focus on employee satisfaction is also reflected in its reward system. The open mindset of the Mlinotest Group is also evident in its system of promoting and rewarding individual innovation. In 2007, rewards for employee innovation were introduced. In 2010, we introduced a reward for long-standing good service and a reward for outstanding employee achievement within the Mlinotest Group.

Safety and Health at Work

Special attention is also placed to safety at work. Major issues include ongoing care for ergonomic improvements of work stations, theoretical and practical training of staff for consistent adherence to regulations and working guidelines for healthy and safe work, and appropriate reallocation of workers to prevent permanent physical harm or disability.

Care for employee sports and recreation

A wide choice of recreational options and organised leisure trips at home and abroad is available to Mlinotest employees. Preventive health care is also provided.

Our care for physical activity is reflected in the number of available programmes:

  • Team sports of various kinds and intensity: volleyball, basketball.
  • Organisation of skiing and other trips.
  • Organisation of mass sporting recreational events.
  • Workers’ sports games.

Environmental protection

Being aware of the importance of care for a clean and healthy natural environment, Mlinotest’s business decisions and products incorporate the principles of sustainable development.

Responsibility for protection of the environment is visible in all spheres of our activity.
In 2010, our awareness for sustainable development resulted in the construction of an ecological, biomass-fuelled boiler room.

Replacing natural gas with wood biomass

Awareness for sustainable development and a clean environment has become the basic motivating force behind the developed world. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a gas which was permanently stored in the earth’s crust and took millions of years to form as the planet developed. This carbon dioxide disrupts the natural balance in our atmosphere. The European Union is making efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in a sustainable way by promoting technologies with reduced use of fossil fuels.

Eliminating fossil fuels and using plant-based biomass instead as a local and environmentally friendly material and energy source has a range of positive socio-economic and environmental impacts. Wood biomass is a CO2-neutral fuel and does not add to the increase in greenhouse gases. A particularly suitable material for energy recovery is wood residue from felling which would break down into carbon dioxide naturally over time if disposed of in woods. By using this residue in biomass boilers, the energy released during the slow decay is instead efficiently used in energy generation.

Our company has met the global efforts of the broader community as a challenge and guiding principle in planning our energy supply.  Mlinotest’s environmental energy solution is based on a biomass boiler with a parallel connection to the existing energy infrastructure. The system enables carbon dioxide savings of 11,000 tons per year compared to heating with natural gas. Another major environmental measure is our emission filtration device; due to flue filters, the system is environmentally flawless and meets stringent EU legislation requirements.

Production of organic products

While modern man has a tendency for selecting, experimenting and creating diet variety, he is also careful, wary and conservative, given the number of food-related scandals we have seen in the last decade. We face the paradox of being torn between a desire to try new things and fear of the same. In matters of nutrition, we always have to choose between the known and the unknown, routine and change, safety and risk.

Clearly the answer to the difficulty of identifying food origin and the increasing demand for natural products lies in organic products.

For years now, Mlinotest has sought to meet our customers’ needs, desires and expectations with quality and healthy food. We developed a range of “organic” products that are made from organically grown ingredients and fulfil the requirements of EEC Regulation No. 834/2007 and Slovenia’s Rules on organic production and processing of agricultural products and/or foods. Certification of our production line was followed by developing, initially for export markets, a large group of organic bakery products, pizzas, cakes, pastries, organic potato products, pastas and flours.

Our facilities and equipment are designed to meet the requirements of EU standards. Products are manufactured in a way that allows no cross mixing with conventionally cultivated ingredients. The entire production is permanently controlled by a control organisation that grants compliance certificates. All products must be labelled with the designation “organic product”, and the packaging must indicate the certification institute in charge of production control.

Organic products are made from organically grown ingredients and meet EC regulation requirements. Organic production is based on maintaining a natural balance and circulation of matter in the environment. The wheat we use is grown without the use of chemical protective agents, the seed must not be genetically modified, and the soil’s fertility is not regulated with artificial mineral fertilisers. The same applies to all other ingredients used in the product. The processing is designed in a way that allows no cross mixing with conventionally cultivated ingredients. Raw material production and processing into products, as well as product packaging, storage and transportation, are supervised by an independent control organisation which issues a certificate of compliance with regulations.

Sponsorships and donations

By means of sponsorship and donations, we support a number of educational and humanitarian projects and invest in sports, science and culture. Most sponsorship and donation funds are allocated to the promotion of non-profit activities. They are channelled into the community at the local and national levels, but we also support certain activities beyond Slovenia. We give priority to collaboration on long-term projects that can contribute to a better life for the largest possible group of people.

At Mlinotest, supporting the social environment embodies a permanent element that on the one hand maintains and reinforces good relations with various publics and on the other hand, improves employee commitment since many employees or their children belong to various clubs and associations. One of our prominent roles in the sporting sphere is Mlinotest’s sponsorship of the women’s handball club in Ajdovščina.