Social responsibility

We contribute to a quality, healthier and better life of our stakeholders, and are responsible towards our employees and the environment in which we operate. Our company follows the principle of sustainable development, and plans activities contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, organically informed shopping and the offer of organic and other products for a healthy lifestyle. Special concern is focused on our employees, as they are the key link that can ensure our company’s long-term stability and growth.

Environmental protection

Being aware of the importance of care for a clean and healthy natural environment, the principles of sustainable development are being incorporated constantly in Mlinotest’s business decisions and products. Responsibility for environmental protection is visible in all spheres of our activity. In all investments, higher energy efficiency, water saving and reduction in all emissions, such as dust, noise, sewage and others, are among the most significant factors in the selection.

Supporting elimination of fossil fuels and the use of plant-based biomass as a local and environmentally friendly material and energy source with a range of positive socio-economic and environmental impacts. Our company has met the global efforts of the broader community as a challenge and guiding principle in planning our energy supply. Instead of natural gas, Mlinotest’s ecological energy solution is based on the use of wood biomass and the advanced emission filtration system that is environmentally flawless and meets stringent European legislation requirements. The use of wood biomass does not contribute to the increased amount of greenhouse gases, and ensures fewer emissions of carbon dioxide disrupting the natural balance in our atmosphere.

Clearly, the answer to the difficulty of identifying food origin and the increasing demand for natural products also lies in organic products. Organic production and processing are based on natural balance and circulation of substances in nature, without using chemical protective agents, without genetically modified substances and artificial mineral fertilisers. It also ensures that there is no cross-mixing with conventionally cultivated ingredients. We have developed a range of “organic” products that are made from organically grown ingredients following all the requirements of the European legislation, and obtained a Certificate for Production which is renewed regularly and obtained from an external verified control organisation. A large group of organic bakery products, pizzas, cakes, confectionery, organic potato products, pasta and flours have been developed. The packaging of all such products must contain the designation “organic product”.

In Mlinotest’s shops, the prohibition of plastic carrier bags is complied with, and a range of alternative shopping bags was developed to contribute to nature conservation. Customers can choose between paper, cotton, biodegradable bags, and reusable permanent bags made by using 100% renewable energy. In compliance with Mlinotest’s orientation towards ecological, environmentally friendly and modern shopping, a wide bulk range for reducing the use of packaging has been offered in some places. In addition to pasta of various forms, grain mill products and sugar, rice, beans, gnocchi, fresh pasta, milk and ecological cleaning agents were added as well.

Concern for employees

Our employees are the key element of Mlinotest’s successful operation and growth. Thus, a great deal of attention is paid to maintaining good interpersonal relations and team connection, professional growth of our employees and the creation of a working environment promoting innovation and development. In Mlinotest’s employees we recognise our long-term partners helping us set and achieve our goals, and, thus, time and time again, helping us keep our promises and fulfil our responsibilities towards our customers. We are bound to take care of our employees not only by legislation and quality standards adopted, but above all by our values, ethics and our common goal – the success and growth of Mlinotest. Various activities were prepared, and are available for this purpose, such as recreation, group insurance, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the Mlinofest event, works outings, professional training, mentorship, development of key personnel, soft skill training, team building and numerous other activities. Special attention is paid to the measures in relation to occupational safety, ergonomic improvement of work stations, training, while offering a warm meal to employees in Ajdovščina working in the morning and afternoon shifts. We take care of our employees so that they can take care of our customers.

Support and concern for the local community

Through sponsorships and with donations, we support several educational and humanitarian projects and invest in sports, science and culture. Most funds are allocated to the promotion of non-profit activities. They are channelled into the community at the local and national levels, but we also support certain activities beyond Slovenia. We give priority to collaboration on long-term projects that can contribute to a better life for the largest possible group of people.