Once upon a time – so long ago that even our grandmother doesn’t remember – the first mill began milling in the valley of the bora wind.  Farmers from the Vipava region brought their best maize to the mill, where it was ground into the best flour.

This mill is still milling today. It brings the scent of the bora wind, the warmth of hospitality and relaxed joy when we create our favourite dishes into our homes.

Our bakery, confectionery, milling and pasta masters make excellent products every day for us to pamper ourselves throughout the day and enjoy preparing them. We are proud and enthusiastic residents of the Primorska region who appreciate everything that is good, healthy and tasty. We know how to enjoy life. Thus, you are welcome to join us at our table.


Divita products are intended for everyone who would like to contribute to their healthy lifestyle with their diet, while at the same time enjoying gourmet dishes. They are prepared from carefully selected ingredients of the best quality. They can be used to prepare a wholesome meal of an excellent taste.


Our mills have been milling since 1867, when Jochmann’s mill was established alongside the Hubelj River. Today, the company produces pasta, milling products, bread and bakery wares, confectionery and other products, known among consumers as quality and tasty products. 

Mlinotest feel good gluten free products

The Feel Good group offers a wide choice of gluten-free biscuits, breakfast biscuits, muesli and pasta. Delicious products are an excellent choice for consumers who have gluten intolerance and all those who like eating healthy food.