We organise catering for all occasions: weddings, receptions, business lunches, birthday parties and many other occasions or events. We also offer overall event organisation apart from excellent cuisine. In this way we can arrange, furnish and decorate your venue, set tables and chairs, hire and set up a tent and arrange all the details so that your guests will be satisfied and surprised.

When planning and implementing your event, we strive to fulfil your every wish and idea. We provide advice regarding your best options depending on the type and venue of your event. We ensure a high-quality offer with quick, friendly and resourceful service.

Allow us to surprise you and your guests!

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  • Restaurant and Coffeehouse Pecivo from Nova Gorica
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Restaurant and Coffeehouse Pecivo in Nova Gorica

It all started with good coffee and confectionery, later followed by the additional offer of excellent pizzas. Today, the restaurant and coffeehouse offer snacks and lunches and a wide range of meat and fish delicacies to its guests.

Pecivo has a long-standing tradition. It was one of the first in Nova Gorica to offer good coffee, cocoa and excellent confectionery to the local people.  Later, pizzas were also added to the offer, enabling several generations to enjoy a good pizza “from the confectioner’s shop” as the pizzeria was still called. It was renovated thoroughly in 1997.

Today, the restaurant offers delicious snacks and lunches, various minestrones and daily specialities to its guests during the week. In the afternoon, it operates as an “a la carte restaurant” with meat and sea delicacies.