We strive to meet our customers’ needs, desires and expectations by providing high-quality and healthy food.

We want to create a friendly, creative and stimulating working environment and opportunities for training and the personal growth of all our employees.

By conducting our business in a socially responsible way, we seek to build reputation and trust in our companies at the local, national and international levels.

Our objective is profitable operation and further development of the Mlinotest corporation

Mlinotest’s mission is

  • To create attractive, technologically elaborate perfect culinary products tailored to and created in accordance with the needs of our customers and consumers based on tradition.
  • To contribute to social development as well as the development and protection of the natural environment through responsible conduct.
  • To provide employment opportunities and opportunities for professional development with constant concern for our employees.

We think and operate in accordance with our values

Responsibly towards all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees and the environment
as our goal is to always meet their expectations.Oriented towards consumers
who trust us and expect safe, tasty and healthy products from us which can be prepared quickly and simply and consumed with pleasure.Fair and in the spirit of cooperation
which strengthens our role and significance in every environment. Employees are loyal to our company and at the same time committed to the wider environment.Innovatively
as we always seek new ideas for high quality, tasty and safe products which we wish to offer to a wide range of our consumers.Cooperation and loyalty