Company profile

Company profile

Mlinotest – a company with traditionThe Mlinotest tradition dates back to 1867 when Wenzel Jochmann first set up a mill on the River Hubelj in Ajdovščina. It was a technologically advanced mill for those days, and the foundation for further development of activities, which continues at today’s Mlinotest, one of Slovenia’s major food processing companies.Throughout this period, the company grew from a mill to an important milling industry, and from a small bakery to a major bakery producing bread and pastry, investing in development, strengthening activities and seeking new markets.Today Mlinotest is a manufacturer of pasta, grain mill products, breads and pastry, and confectionery and other foods that are well known by consumers as high quality and tasty products.

Company name:Mlinotest Živilska industrija d.d.
Registered office:Tovarniška cesta 14, 5270 Ajdovščina
Telephone:+386(0)5 36 44 500
Fax:+386(0)5 36 44 618
Company Identification No.:5132061000
VAT No.:SI36195618
 Share capital:EUR 14,387,835.93
Transaction account:SI56 0475 1000 0227 176 (held at NKB d.d., Maribor)
SI56 0510 0801 0758 844 (held at Abanka d.d., Ljubljana)
SI56 0224 1025 4797 462 (held at NLB d.d., Ljubljana)
SI56 0700 0000 1161 374 (held at Gorenjska banka d.d. Kranj)
SI56 1010 0004 9449 140 (held at Intesa Sanpaolo bank d.d. Koper)
SI56 3400 0101 5637 215 (held at Banka Sparkasse d.d. Ljubljana)


Coming from the direction of Ljubljana or Nova Gorica, the best way to find Mlinotest is to take the motorway towards Ajdovščina, turn off at the exit for Ajdovščina, drive straight on through the traffic light and turn left after 300 meters.

The high silos of Mlinotest which can be seen already from a distance can help you orient yourself.

While Mlinotest looks back to 150 years of tradition, it also plans its future carefully. Mlinotest is the largest pasta producer in Slovenia, its core activities apart from pasta production also including baking and milling.

As Mlinotest’s development strategy is oriented towards the development of quality products for a healthy diet, we follow modern trends in the food industry. Our aim is to provide our customers with tasty and healthy meals that accommodate a contemporary lifestyle.

At Mlinotest, we trust nature and stand by using naturally produced ingredients only.  Our products are made without adding artificial colourings or substances originating from genetically modified organisms.

The company operates in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and the HACCP system.

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