Mlinotest’s tradition dates back to 1867, when Wenzel Jochmann set up a mill on the River Hubelj in Ajdovščina. Throughout this period, the company grew to an important milling, baking and pasta production company, investing in development and modern technology, strengthening activities and seeking new markets. Today, Mlinotest is a modern manufacturer of pasta, flour, grain mill products, bread and pastry, confectionery, gluten-free biscuits and other foods. We are the largest and the most recognised pasta producer in the region.

The company Roller Mill Wenzel Jochmann Ajdovščina (Valjčni mlin Wenzel Jochmann Ajdovščina) was established.
There were a few changes of the mill’s ownership during this time, which were followed by nationalisation. However, the mill continued operating.
Other mills and bakeries began joining the renovated mill.
The company was renamed the Trading and production company MLINOTEST (Trgovsko in proizvodno podjetje MLINOTEST). Start of pasta production at the factory in Ajdovščina in the same year.
Bakeries from the Primorska region started merging under Mlinotest’s auspices. This enabled Mlinotest to include fresh bakery products and bread in its offer of products.
Start of the production of filled dried pasta – tortellini.
Completion of the concrete cellular silos for cereals at the current location at the Tovarniška cesta street, which remains the tallest building in Ajdovščina today.
Start of production at the new bakery in Ajdovščina at Mlinotest’s current location.
Movement of the pasta production facility and mill to the current location.
Takeover of the companies Peks Škofja Loka, Kruh Koper, Žitoproizvod Karlovac and Pecivo Nova Gorica.
Mlinotest obtained the ISO 9001 quality management certificate.
A new line for short pasta was purchased and dried pasta production capacities doubled. Serial production of sandwiches began in the same year.
Expansion of "Tortelinka" (the tortellini production plant) – the production of filled pasta and the introduction of the HACCP system. Potato gnocchi were placed on the market.
Significant completion of the production line in the mill, enabling Mlinotest to offer its consumers pre-cooked mill products for quick preparation for the first time: at first, maize polenta and wheat meal.
A certificate of organic production was obtained for packaging organic flour, production of pasta, bread and bakery products in Ajdovščina and croissants in Škofja Loka, as well as for the production of bread and bakery products at the Mlinotest Kruh Koper plant.
Automated production of frozen bakery wares, doughnuts and pizzas was introduced in Ajdovščina.
Mlinotest begins expanding its own retail network intensively. Today it comprises 50 shops and trading and catering facilities such as Mlinček throughout Slovenia.
Mlinotest obtained the certificate of the IFS International Food Standard.
Establishment of the subsidiary Mlinotest S in Ruma (Serbia), construction of a factory and launch of production of fresh common and filled pasta and gnocchi.
Investment in increasing production and logistical capacities for semi-baked frozen bakery products.
Mlinotest introduced the manufacture of gluten-free products in Nova Gorica. A new plant for producing cakes and other confectionery was opened in Ajdovščina.
A new factory for producing filled pasta and potato dough products in Ajdovščina.
New packaging lines for grain mill products enable packaging in self-standing bags which can be closed and new transport packaging types.
New fully automated packaging lines in the mill, beginning with the packaging of products in bags and ending with the wrapping of the pallet. A modern automated packaging line at the Large Bakery for packaging fresh and frozen bakery wares and bread.

The book entitled 150 years of Mlinotest was published.