The benefits of ancient Spelt

Spelt is a newly discovered ancient grain, which is becoming increasingly popular among the fans of well-being and excellent cuisine. Due to its rich nutritional value and wide potential for use, it can be found more and more frequently in various forms on the menus of Slovene consumers and chefs.

5 benefits of spelt

  1. Nutritional composition, rich in dietary fibre, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  2. A fine, slightly nutty taste.
  3. Wide options for use in different dishes and different occasions – from bread, all types of pasta, gnocchi, drops, polenta, confectionery and others, for breakfast, snacks and main courses.
  4. Different ears from wheat, which protects the grain from pests and mould better, thus it is grown using less or no plant protection products. Double bracts (wraps) protect the grain from moisture and adverse weather conditions, allowing it to thrive even in cold environments.
  5. Spelt has a different composition and gluten from wheat. Some people who are sensitive to wheat have no problems with spelt. However, this is not the case for people with coeliac disease, who are sensitive to any gluten.

5 reasons for Mlinotest spelt pasta 

The company Mlinotest has been creating diverse spelt products for a long time. In the last year, we have changed the packaging of some of the popular products such as Wholemeal spelt spaghetti, Wholemeal spelt penne and Spelt gnocchi. We have also offered new Spelt amorosi and Spelt tortellini with prosciutto with a rich and quality filling, without any added artificial flavors and preservatives to Slovene fans of spelt. All Mlinotest spelt pasta is recommended for:

  1. An excellent taste, which is the result of a careful selection of ingredients and our commitment to quality and innovative products.
  2. A gently rough surface of the spelt pasta, which makes it easier for the sauces to stick to it, thus making the taste of the dishes even more perfect.
  3. Slovene pasta production with a long-standing tradition and comprehensive control over the entire production process.
  4. A rich source of fibre.
  5. Short time and easy preparation with a wide variety of other ingredients, whether meat, dairy or non-meat.