About us

Mlinotest – a modern company with a tradition of 150 years.

Mlinotest’s tradition dates back to 1867, when Wenzel Jochmann set up a mill on the River Hubelj in Ajdovščina. It was a foundation for further development of activities, which continue at today’s Mlinotest, one of Slovenia’s major food processing companies.

Throughout this period, the company grew to an important milling, baking and pasta production company, investing in development and modern technology, strengthening activities and seeking new markets.

Today, Mlinotest is a modern manufacturer of pasta, flour, grain mill products, bread and pastry, confectionery, gluten-free biscuits and other foods. We are the largest and the most recognised pasta producer in the region. The Mlinotest Group employs 670 people and is active on twenty-five markets. While Mlinotest is building on 150 years of tradition, it also plans its future carefully.

Company profile

Name of the parent company: Mlinotest Živilska industrija, d. d.
Registered office: Tovarniška cesta 14, 5270 Ajdovščina
Telephone: +386 (0)5 36 44 500
Registration number: 5132061000
VAT identification number: SI36195618


Our mission

  • To create attractive, technologically elaborate perfect culinary products, tailored to and created in accordance with the needs of our customers and consumers, the principles of a healthy diet and modern lifestyle based on tradition;
  • To contribute to social development, as well as the development and protection of the natural environment through responsible conduct;
  • To provide employment opportunities and opportunities for professional development with constant concern for our employees.

We are accomplishing our mission by selecting the best ingredients, modern technology and employees carefully, and ensuring the best possible quality, At Mlinotest we trust nature, and stand by using naturally produced ingredients only. Our products are made without adding artificial colourings or substances originating from genetically modified organisms.


  • Responsibility towards all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, employees and the environment
    as our goal is to always meet their expectations.
  • Orientation towards consumers,
    who trust us and expect safe, tasty and healthy products from us which can be prepared quickly and simply and consumed with pleasure.
  • Fairness and the spirit of cooperation
    which strengthens our role and significance in every environment.
  • Innovation
    as we always seek new ideas for quality, tasty and safe products, which we wish to offer to a wide range of our consumers.
  • Loyalty
    We appreciate the loyalty, commitment and knowledge of our employees and their influence on the business success and growth of our company.


Management Board

Danilo Kobal,
Chairman of the Management Board

Matija Majcenovič,
Member of the Management Board


Telephone: +386 (0)5 36 44 504